by on May 9, 2020

It has been about 7 months since we released a new version of our applicaiton and our website. We are happy to announce that we just released our 3.1 version with lots of goodies in it. In this version you can begin to enjoy the following features once you update:

- Picture & Sticker Comments

- Map Integration with Events

- Map Integration with Marketplace

- Ability to Share with Easy on Other Platforms

- Easy Link Posting

- Dark Mode

- Instant Messenger

- Right-To-Left Layout

- Ability To Buy a Listing

- Switch Languages

- Hide All Feed Option

- Ability To Mention Friends (@) on Any Post

- Notification Direct Link

- Newest Comment/Reply Will Be Prioritized To Display

- Pending Requests Tab is Available on Groups

- Ability to Post as a Page

We know its quite a lot  and we are hoping that it will make easier for your to make new friends on our platform. One thing that we like to mention as we continue to improve the platform and increase our user engagement so that everyone benefits.  

We are currently working on revamping our instan messages, instead of just allowing text, just basic sms. We've made the decision to add some features and make it easier for you to communicate with one another. 

We are also now looking for others to contribute to our cause of creating a platform for making friends. If you are interested in helping out pleaes don't hesitate to let us know either with a Forum Post. You can also drop us a line on our contact us page. 


Again enjoy the new features of the application/web and don't forget to share our network. 





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